Martin Prenn Architekten evolved from a long-time collaboration with Thomas Stadler. Since 2019 the office has operated under the name Martin Prenn Architekten GmbH. We focus on the planning phases according to HOAI of preliminary planning, design planning, approval planning, and detailed design. Furthermore, depending on the size of the project, we also handle tendering, awarding of contracts, and construction supervision. The focus of our practice is the planning and execution of educational, teaching, and residential buildings.

We do not see our architecture as a pure art form that only stands for itself, but as an answer to current questions and as a constructive contribution to a permanently changing society.

The goal of our work is the creation of individual places with an independent identity. To achieve this, architecture does not have to be permanently reinvented. The fun of observing and learning - both from the architectural and the typological context - is an essential part of our work. Existing qualities are used as a reference for the new and interpreted with contemporary means. The outcome is projects which fit into the context despite their independency. The sometimes unexpected and surprising solutions are refined in detail with the careful use of form, material, and color.

With this approach, we dedicate ourselves to a wide spectrum of diverse construction tasks, ranging from new buildings and refurbishments to interior design. The process of a project by a consistently small team ensures personal identification and high quality. In addition to the current projects, participation in competitions is of great importance to us. It enables a permanent confrontation with new and current topics.


Min Hsieh, Hui Rong Liu, Andre Nienhaus, Rhea Gleba, Dominik Schendel, Arihan Burak Senocak, Elena Masla, Mariana Peralta